Friday, April 30, 2010


He is always behind the mask. But there is an awesome man with big heart lives behind That mask! He is my buddy Mario Alberto, I called him Man behind the mask! I never met any one like him Who is always so gentle and kind. We Been friends for more then three years now. We never met in real life But We Have That proved even on the internet people can get closer. We are always buddy and keep in touch. I am proud to Be his friend.

Thank you Mario for sending the beautiful matchboxes from Mexico. You know how I feel about matchboxes. They Are all the always special to me. They are bit unusual size as well. Which I liked most. They are lovely. Thank you once again my friend.


DarkNightmare said...

Thanks for your sweet and friendly words dear Shakil!

You're a great friend and you deserve the best of life.
I'm glad that you liked the matchboxes.

Have a wonderful day!

Shakil Huq said...

hey buddy...
you are great!!
and you must deserve much more.

i am proud to be your friend.

DarkNightmare said...

Thanks dear Shakil!
You're always so kind and friendly!

I'm proud to be your friend too.


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