Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank You Alexander Pyshkin

Thank you so very much Mr. Alexander Pyshkin from Russia, for sending me all the colourful and gorgeous Russian matchboxes, matchbox cover and the labels. I was very surprised when I open the parcel. It was beautifully packed and every single items looking brand new and the subjects on covers were interesting. Alexander’s collections are very well maintained. Once I asked him ‘how long you have been collecting matchboxes’? He answered me ‘its more then 50 years’! Wow! This is really amazing, living matching matchbox with 5o years.
But I wish more then that. I want to collect matchboxes another 100 years. I just love all the little boxes. Alexander, Hans everink or striven smith they are all very great collector. Someday I want to be like them.

Thank you once again Alexander for your interest and contribution in my collection. I wish you all the best and I’ll be grateful to you.

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