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I don’t know how to start. I am very sad. My Snowball died yesterday. Snowball was so innocent, gentle, loving and gorgeous. But some cruel people killed him badly. I don’t know why yet. He was only less than one year. I see him from the day one. He was a different cat and very fond of me. He used to sit on my lap when I am at home and used to sleep on my chair. But my chair is empty now. No one will play around me ever.

I feel so guilty, because yesterday I went out and nobody was at home as well. So I left him out. But I never thought I’ll never see snowball again. My poor little Snowball, It’s my entire fault.

He used to jump on me when I come from work. Lick my fingers. He used to talk to me as if he knows that I understand him. I can’t believe that Snowball will never come back again. Everything is so empty without snowball. We’ll never forget you snowball and you’ll be in our heart always.

Dear people, please never kill any snowball again. They are harmless, they are innocent. PLEASE BE KIND ON THEM. THEY ARE VERY ADORABLE.


JOANNA said...

i am so so sorry for your loss shakil but be sure in the end you will see him again because i am sure they move on as well. big hug

Shakil Huq said...

thanks for your support jo.really missing him. whenever i see my chair i feel sad.because he used to sleep there all the time.

Anatasia said...

Dearest Shakil..

I'm sorry for your lost.
I know how it feels to lose your pet. Actually, I don't really like the word "pet", I prefer - friend.
I remember the day my dog died. I had her when i was born and she was kind a growing up with me and then one day she was gone. I coudn't believe.
Time, as a great doctor, will take the pain away. But we, humans, have a great possibility and that is - to remember. And that is wonderful.
It sad that there are people who do such terrible things.. But dearest, you know what they say about them : “People that hate cats, will come back as mice in their next life” .
So keep the lovely memory of your friend, and keep the smile on your face while you do it. I bet this way, he, watching you from upon, will send you a big-fuzzy "grrrrr" and "mauu" as a Thank you, for taking care of him.

And p.s. your chair will never be empty, his trace will stay there :).

Shakil Huq said...

hi anastasia..
thank you so much.
such a lovely words from you. make me feels better.
hope you and little sofia is ok.

Anonymous said...

hello shakil. This is Loid. there are times our pets whom we call friend is sometimes
much better than other human beings. they r so loyal and faithful to us. they never leave us come what may.
they give us joy and companionship that other friends can't do for us.
they have a language of their own but they can understand us. a loss of a pet friend is a loss of a part of our heart. but happy memories will remain. hugs for u shakil my dear friend.

bangladeshi collectors said...
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Shakil Huq said...

hi loida,
thank you for support and your every words are true.i know snowball will never come back but happy memories will remain. you are right my friend.

DarkNightmare said...

I'm sorry for this sad event for you dear friend, Once I lost my dear cat too, but don't be so hard to yourself, unfortunately we can't protect all the time, all that we want. I'm sure snowball was very happy living with you and he can keep on living in your mind as long as you remember him. I didn't know you liked cats too, now we have something more in common.

Shakil Huq said...

Hi buddy,
Snowball was an amazing cat. He was very polite and gentle. I’ll never forget him. In fact my whole family likes cat. Especially my mum. Well buddy I am glad to know that you love cat as well and sorry for your lost too. I don’t know in future I’ll get any other cat or not but snowball was truly special.


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