Saturday, February 13, 2010


I would like to give special thanks to my very newest friend and a great collector Mr. Robiul Islam. It was such a pleasure to meet him. Basically he is a coin collector. Well as I have seen part of his collection and I’ll say it’s huge like a mini treasure.

I have been collecting bank notes from long time. Normally I do worldwide bank notes. But I didn’t have good collection of Bangladeshi banknotes [I was out of country for long time]. Even though I am a Bangladeshi. Such a shame!

Mr. Robi just encourages me to collect Bangladeshi bank note as well. But I never thought one day he’ll come along with lots of Bangladeshi bank notes and gave them to me! I have to mention some thing here; he’s not only a collector. He also study quite lot on paper money. He made a complete volume of Bangladeshi bank notes, with every single detail. Which very remarkable and very helpful for other collector.

I never met any collector like him before. Who is very passionate, helpful and kind to his fellow collectors? I wish him all the best and thanks once again for increasing my Bangladeshi bank notes collection.

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