Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Nothing much to say about Joanna. She is a very special lady in my life and for ever. All the way from Zurich she sends me her hand made cookies and some matchboxes.

It’s my Christmas and New Year gift from Joanna. The cookies are delicious and beautifully made and designed. I didn’t know that she can make cookies that good:-)

Well, Joanna is very talent. I have lot to learn from her. I like the way she thinks, writes and make things creative. She is a good photographer as well.

I love and respect Joanna for few reasons,
 she always admire my work and
give me support all the time.
This is very important for me.
And we always share our view.

I am very proud have a special lady like Joanna.
She is really great!


jaydeeone said...

hahahaahaaa, you are the crazy one shakil :-)))) my goodness its just a box of cookies but i am really happy you liked them and dont forget to share them with your mom and your brother. thank you for great honor to mention them here and i can only return the great compliments. you are a great man and very very talented. I love your work and so god will, i will be there to support you in any way i can. i am thankful and blessed to have you as a friend.
Sending a special new years kiss, mmuuaahhhh
Joanna :-))))

DarkNightmare said...

I'm very glad to see that you have very great friends buddy, you deserve it.

Have a wonderful 2010 year!

Shakil Huq said...

thank you very much joanna. same here...i am thankful and blesed to have you as a my friend too.

Shakil Huq said...

hello alberto..
we are buddy too. in fact you are my number 1 buddy. even i talk about you with joanna too.

happy new year to you too my friend.


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