Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You Mr Hans Everink

Just few days ago I was searching some matchboxes and matchbox labels collectors’ site in the internet. I found few only. But Mr. Hans Everink from Netherlands surprised me.

He has about 370.000 different items from 169 different countries. It’s a huge collection indeed. I emailed to him, if he would like to swap or help me to increase my collection. He replied me next day and asked my address so that he could send me matchboxes and labels for me. I think he works much and talk less! Today I got the parcel from him. He sends me more then 100 items. It was amazing. I liked them all. We don’t know each other but he gave me quite lot and treated me like a collector. This will help me to increase my matchboxes collection and inspire me as well.

I will always remember Mr Hans everink for his contribution in my matchbox collection. He’s such a gentleman and a great collector.

I wish him all the best.


Mario Alberto said...

I'm glad for you my dear friend you deserve it and it's good to see what good people like Mr. Hans Everink can do for friends like you.

Shakil Huq said...

thank you are a real friend. i have your contribution in my collection as well.
thanks again buddy.


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